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delta 5 Research facilitates delta 5 research projects
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further expanding the delta 5 methodology and applying
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PhD Research on Learning Catalyst Networks

Currently, Michiel van Heusden, is conducting a delta 5 research on the success factors by which powerful catalyst networks strengthen the learning capability of a (potentially much larger) partner network. This study is a PhD research project and is conducted in collaboration with the Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

The results of this study are relevant for a range of networks and organizations; for instance, a QA/QC-department that wants to influence the organization wide learning capability regarding safety, or a group of R&D professionals who want to stimulate sustainable innovation beyond the borders of their own organization. The research question also relates to the heart of the current development debates: how to invest assets in such a way that they enhance the learning capability of a goal network, leading to sustainable effect and keeping the goal network independent from external support?

As part of this research delta 5 is applied to a total of four case studies, two commercial and two non-profit, in both Europe and Asia. One case study, for instance, identifies the success factors of a relatively small NGO that influences the problem solving capability of 750.000 families in slums, stimulating their self-organizing resulting in step-by-step improvement of their housing situation.

Success factors from the different case studies will be compared during so-called knowledge exchanges with experts on learning capability from different disciplines. Core members of these knowledge exchanges are Dr. Johan Boudewijns, Prof. Dr. Paul Hendriks and Dr. Max Visser, members of the delta 5 Scientific Board.

For a select number of organizations there is the opportunity to participate in the knowledge exchanges as a partner organization. If you are interested to participate or if you have any other question related to delta 5 Research, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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