d5 Safety

delta 5 Safety is developed for organizations that explicitly want to focus on strengthening the behavior concerning safety. Safety has become more at stake than ever, ranging from patient safety (huge incidents in hospitals), labor safety (Chemie-Pack), environment (BP) and food security (Foppen: Dutch fish processor).

Safety regulations are not sufficient in order to guarantee safety in the organization. The incident at Chemie-Pack showed that business culture has recently been legislated: not an individual employee but the board of directors is held responsible for unsafe behavior on the work floor. The Dutch public prosecutor’s office about the case of Chemie-Pack: ‘It could have been any employee. In this organization its normal to solve things like this particular person did. That’s why the leaders of this organization are held responsible’. Source: NOS. (Dutch television society).

This means that the management layer is only secured of the safety levels from level 4 (see image below), whereas before level 1 was sufficient (the duty of an employer by law). Below the picture that displays the different levels. You can discover your own level of ambition in the picture.