delta 5: improving performance levels

delta 5 is a proven organizational diagnosis and change method to embed high performance behavior. A diagnosis of the unwritten rules is always the starting point because these describe the actual day-to-day behavior, explaining the organization’s results. The next step is the organizational change program. delta 5 an integral approach of the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ side of the organization. 

delta 5 ® has a scientific basis and was further developed in co-makership with Royal Friesland Campina. For this multinational delta 5 was rolled-out world wide shortly after its development.

delta 5 Safety embeds high safety performance. It integrates the diagnosis and change method with safety concepts like HRO and Hearts & Minds in collaboration with Royal Haskoning/DHV.

delta 5 Research is initiated to ensure the method from a constant flow of input from decent research in collaboration with Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands.



'The strength of delta 5 is that this tool makes 'culture' manageable: it works from a diagnosis that enables the design of practical interventions, resulting in an upgrade of the company's learning capability'. Thom Albers, Corporate Director Strategy - FrieslandCampina