Origin delta 5

delta 5 means ‘change in five dimensions’. These 5 dimensions are the basis of the method and are used for both the diagnosis and the design of the tailor made change program. These dimensions entail relevant insights for influencing behavior and were developed in the dissertation of dr. Johan Boudewijns, the founder.


delta 5 emerged from a request of an Innovation Director of Royal FrieslandCampina whose desire was to map the learning capacity of FrieslandCampina: a world player in Food with a turnover of 9 billion annually. The methodology is utilized world wide in order to be able to make fundamental strategic choices and to realize improvement based on a thorough diagnosis. delta 5 is and has been used both in R&D and innovative environments as in operational environments (supply chain) within Europe. Meanwhile delta 5 has also been beneficial to other (inter)national players.