Scientific Board

delta 5 is rooted in science. The Scientific Board pursues the following goals:

  • Continuously feed delta 5 with the most recent scientific knowledge and developments
  • Active collective knowledge development with professors and PhD students
  • Scientific foundation for delta 5
  • Distribution of knowledge by collaborative publications
  • Easy access to high-standard knowledge with regards to the organization of learning capability for managers who want to make use of delta 5



  • Dr. Johan Boudewijns
  • Prof.dr. Paul Hendriks
  • Dr. Max Visser
  • Ir. Hans Lekkerkerk


Member profiles

Dr. Johan Boudewijns

Johan Boudewijns holds a PhD in business studies. His thesis is titled 'Unwritten rules in perspective, a method for diagnosing organizational learning capability'. He is the founder of delta 5. His academic carreer was linked to Radboud University (Netherlands), Cambridge University (UK) and University of California at Berkeley (USA). He taught (among others) at Nyenrode Business University and several other Business Academies. Currently he is co-promotor for the delta 5 dissertation of Michiel van Heusden. His orientation mainly focuses on realising High Performance Behavior in organizations which he has been doing for the last 12 years as a business advisor.


Prof. dr. Paul Hendriks

Paul Hendriks is professor at the Radboud University, specialized in Knowledge, Structures and Networks. He sheds light on questions of organizational design from the perspective of organizational knowledge and learning capability and, in doing so specializes on the central themes of delta 5. One of the core themes of research of the department of Business Studies that Paul Hendriks is involved in is 'The responsible organization'. Sustainability holds a central place in this theme. Paul Hendriks and his department also focus on knowledge and learning in organizations in the context of society.


Dr. Max Visser

Max Visser works as academic teacher at the Nijmegen School of Management. His research focuses on learning, consistency and communication in particularly not-for-profit and public institutions. His scientific inspiration lies in Palo Alto school of communication and psychotherapy (Bateson, Watzlawick, Haley) and the human relations school in organization development (Lewin, Argyris, Schein). He has made an important contribution to the conceptualization of organizational learning in his article 'Deutero-learning in organizations: A review and a reformulation' (Academy of Management Review, 2007). Max Visser knows the state of the art in the field of organizational learning like no other. This is one of the ways in which he contributes to delta 5.


Ir. Hans Lekkerkerk 

Hans Lekkerkerk works on the matter of how organizational structures can be designed as to maintain viable and to guarantee continuity for all stakeholders. His background in mechanical engineering shows his affinity with the technical side of innovation and learning capability. He is linked to the Radboud University as a teacher in Organizational Design and Innovation Management and conducts a PhD Research Project in which he researches how organizations must be designed to continuously innovate (and therefore learn). Before starting his academic career, Hans Lekkerkerk held staff and project management positions within the (high tech) Composite Structures Division of Fokker Aircraft that (unfortunately) went bankrupt in 1996. Hans Lekkerkerk is able to quickly connect the large number of experiences regarding innovation in scientific research and literature with the questions that delta 5 sheds light on. By doing so he often adds value in delta 5 step 3: improving the learning capability of a client organization.